Axure RP Pro Portable Legacy Versions

Axure RP Pro is an excellent rapid prototyping software to create interactive wireframe, HTML prototype, mockup, etc.

Features of Axure RP Pro:

  • Work faster with smart mockup and wireframe tools
  • Generate prototypes that draw out feedback
  • Produce functional specifications that developers love

Axure Portable

What's New

  • Fixed substract and exclude transforms
  • Fixed issue importing Masters from 7.0
  • Fixed error switching selection mode while editing Connector text
  • Fixed error on small shape with missing border and corner radius
  • Fixed error loading Connectors in bad state
  • Fixed borders of Inline Frames with no scroll bars
  • Fixed setting panel state with OnFocus and OnLostFocus
  • Fixed OnMouseOut on a Dynamic Panel with animation

Axure RP Pro Portable: Download All Legacy Versions

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