A-PDF INFO Changer Portable 2.0 - Tiny PDF Metadata Editor

A-PDF INFO Changer Portable 2.0 - Tiny PDF Metadata Editor

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A-PDF INFO Changer is a tiny PDF utility to view and editor file properties/metadata information of PDF files. With this PDF metadata editor, you could edit or remove Author, Title Subject and Keywrods of any PDF file without Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed.

Note: Run PDFInfo.exe to launch A-PDF INFO Changer Portable. The current version is A-PDF INFO Changer 2.0.

A-PDF INFO Changer Portable

About A-PDF INFO Changer Portable

Website: www.a-pdf.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 05F79AE2BEE335B5C749F0C0FC0470EF

Download A-PDF INFO Changer Portable 2.0
A-PDFINFOChangerPortable_2.0_English.paf.exe | 702 KB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  A-PDF INFO Changer Portable 2.0 Download Page
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