Active@ Disk Editor Portable 2.1 - Free Hex Editor and Low Level Disk Editor

Active@ Disk Editor Portable 2.1 - Free Hex Editor and Low Level Disk Editor

Active@ Disk Editor is a freeware hex editor and low-level disk viewer from the LSoft Technologies to edit physical disks or partitions. You could use it to view and edit disk sectors in binary and text modes. Then you could use it to analyze the contents of data storage structure elements such as: Hard disk drives, SSD & USB Disks, Partitions & Volumes, Files and other objects.

You could also edit disk images including Disk Image Configuration (*.DIM) file, Virtual PC or VMware images.

Active@ Disk Editor could use templates to parse and show different structures. It supports the following templates: Master Boot Record, NTFS Boot Sector, FAT Boot Sector, FAT32 Boot Sector, exFAT Boot Sector, HFS+ Volume Header, Ext2/Ext3 Superblock, NTFS MFT Tile Record, FAT Directory Entry, exFAT Directory Entry, LDM Private Header, LDM TOC Block, LDM VMDB Block, LDM Klog Block, LMD VBLK Block, etc.

Note: Run DiskEditor.exe to launch Active@ Disk Editor Portable. The current version is Active@ Disk Editor 2.1.

Active@ Disk Editor Product Features:

  1. Enhanced template view
  2. Detailed MFT record information
  3. Side-by-side Compare and Edit
  4. Fields coloring with data in tooltips
  5. Extensive exFAT support
  6. Fast navigation points
  7. Filling selection with a pattern
  8. Unicode support
  9. Quick Disk Info
  11. Inspector

Active@ Disk Editor Portable

What's new in Active@ Disk Editor 2.1?

  1. Advanced search using RegExp & wildcards
  2. Open and work with raw & compressed disk images
  3. Command line support
  4. More templates supported (HFS+, Linux)
  5. New lightweight installer and smaller installation

About Active@ Disk Editor Portable

MD5 Hash: FAC5E2427AA741B3BAF0B70B3C6905C5

Download Active@ Disk Editor Portable 2.1
Active@DiskEditorPortable_2.1_English.paf.exe | 8.08 MB | Active@ Disk Editor Portable 2.1 Download Page