Advanced REST Client Portable 15.0.7

Advanced REST Client Portable 15.0.7

Advanced REST Client (ARC) is a powerful and open source API testing software based on the Electron framework.

You can easily perform HTTP request or Web socket request to test your REST APIs.

It allows you to set various request behaviors for each request, including request timeout, OAuth2 redirect URI, local variables, System variables, Follow redirects, Default request headers, etc.

Advanced REST Client Portable

More product features of Advanced REST Client Portable:

  • Import Client Certificate: this allows to authenticate a request without a password if server supports this method.
  • Request Actions: Create conditional request actions to dynamically assign variables when the response from the endpoint is ready. ARC gives you convenient editor to create action that is performed each time the request is send.
  • Hosts Rules: Create host rules to redirect traffic from one host to another. No need to edit your hosts file anymore. You don't need administrator privileges to apply host rules. It's usefule to debug virtual hosts configuration of your server, even when developing locally.
  • Session Management: Advanced REST Client application is separated from Google Chrome and it doesn't share session with the browser
    Log in to a web service using Chrome based built in web browser. Cookies are automatically applied to the request as browser would do it.
  • Privacy: This application never shares any data until you request or allow it.

Advanced REST Client Portable

How to use Advanced REST Client Portable

Download the file AdvancedRESTClientPortable_15.0.7_English.paf.exe, unzip or unpack it, then run AdvancedRESTClientPortable.exe to launch the Advanced REST Client Portable v15.0.7.

What's new in Advanced REST Client Portable v15.0.7

  1. This release fixes issue #268 there the authorization panel wasn't initializing due to a script error.

Download Advanced REST Client Portable

MD5 Hash: F8AF612545E14CCB1BEEAD527ADB55E8

Download Advanced REST Client Portable v15.0.7
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