AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable - Best System Diagnostics Tool

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable - Best System Diagnostics Tool

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AIDA64 Extreme Edition is the most convenient and powerful system information tool and hardware monitor. It could diagnose and give detailed information of all the computer devices with high accurate hardware detection capabilities, including information on motherboard, operating system, server, display, multimedia, storage, network, directx, devices, software, security, config, database, etc.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition is also an excellent performance benchmarking tool to benchmark CPU, system memory and disk drives.

Run AIDA64Portable.exe to launch AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable. The current version is the AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.85.1600 Giveaway.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable

    *  CPU, memory and disk benchmarks
    *  Temperature, voltage and cooling fan monitoring
    *  Hardware diagnostics
    *  Software and operating system analysis

About Free AIDA64 Extreme Edition Portable

MD5 Hash: 2B22CF099FA0266532801C64989D4396

Download AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.85.1600 Giveaway Edition Portable
AIDA64Portable_1.85.1600.paf.exe | 12.3 MB  |  AIDA64 Extreme Edition 1.85.1600 Portable Download Page
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