Axure RP Pro Portable

Axure RP Pro Portable - Best Wireframe and Prototype Tool

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Axure RP Pro is an excellent rapid prototyping software to create interactive wireframe, HTML prototype, mockup, etc.

Axure RP Pro has box, placeholder, shape, and text tool to create prototype quickly. Using the Event and Case to add action to the wireframe to make it interactive, there are OnClick/OnMouseEnter/OnKeyUp events, and Open Link/Set Widget Value/Show Panel actions.

Then you can generate an interactive HTML website wireframe or UI mockup without coding. Run AxureRPProPortable.exe to launch Axure RP Pro Portable.

Axure Portable

Features of Axure RP Pro:

  • Work faster with smart mockup and wireframe tools
  • Generate prototypes that draw out feedback
  • Produce functional specifications that developers love

Axure RP Pro Portable

What's new in Axure RP Pro Stable?

  1. Fixed printing pages with no text on Win 10

Download Axure RP Pro

MD5 Hash: 2288556F0CDCF5866563FE0B1D9CC67F

Download Axure RP Pro Portable [30 Day Trial] (Stable Version)
AxureRPProPortable_8.0.0.3323_English.paf.exe (32.60 MB) | Axure RP Pro Portable Download Page | Old Versions

Download Axure RP Pro Portable
AxureRPProPortable_7.0.0.3189.paf.exe (8.68 MB) | Axure RP Pro Portable Download Page

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is required to run Axure RP Pro.

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