Beauty Pilot Portable 2.5.2 - Photo Makeup and Correction Tool

Beauty Pilot Portable 2.5.2 - Photo Makeup and Correction Tool

Beauty Pilot is a photo retouching tool to correct and makeup photos. It could easily remove small defects and sopts on the photo skin.

It makes make the picture look better and bring out the beauty in women's portraits by erasing a skin imperfection on an image (moles, warts, pimples, heat-spots).

Note: Run BeautyPilotPortable.exe to launch Beauty Pilot Portable. The current version is Beauty Pilot 2.5.2 Free Giveaway Edition.

Beauty Pilot

Beauty Pilot has several tools for photo portrait correction:

  • Soft-focus Lens: Remove small imperfections (spots, birthmarks) from the picture and smoothen the skin.
  • Elastic: Changes proportions.
  • Eye Color: For eye color changes.
  • Undo Brush: Reverts to original image in the area the tools were previously applied.
  • Brightness and Contrast: Change the brightness and contrast of an image.
  • Rotate and Flip: Rotate and flip an image.
  • Resize: Resize an image.
  • Crop: Crop a photo using Manual, Printing formats or Display formats Modes.
  • Text: Inscribe images using texts.

Beauty Pilot Portable

What's new in Beauty Pilot 2.5.2?

  1. Photoshop CS6 support has been added.
  2. Selection menu for installing both 32 bit and 64 bit plugins has been added.
  3. Now when you run the plugin 64 bit, Windows does not require administrator rights.

Download Beauty Pilot

MD5 Hash: 07B7F926B67AB16E1FA843788349F846

Download Beauty Pilot Portable 2.5.2 (Free Giveaway Edition)
BeautyPilotPortable_2.5.2_English.paf.exe | 2.38 MB  |  Beauty Pilot Portable 2.5.2 Download Page

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