CloneSpy Portable 3.04

CloneSpy Portable 3.04

CloneSpy is a powerful while free duplicate file finder and remover. It help you cleanup duplicate files or pictures on your system.

It could scan and detect with 5 modes: Duplicates, Duplicates + same name, Same name, Same name + (approx.) same size or zero bytes long.

CloneSpy offers you a complete mechanism for determining which duplicate or same-name files should be removed.


Note: Run CloneSpy.exe to launch CloneSpy Portable. It was updated to version 3.04 on 2013/10/17. You could also try some other duplicate duplicate file removal tool such as AllDup and Similar Image Finder.

However, you'd better NOT do run any applications which alter the files being searched for duplicates to avoid any damage to all the files on your hard drive.

What's new in CloneSpy 3.04?

  1. Modified: Portable and installed versions can now be run in parallel.
  2. Modified: The portable version now initializes paths in the Options window relative to the CloneSpy executable.

CloneSpy Portable

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Download CloneSpy Portable 3.04
CloneSpy_Portable_3.04_English.paf.exe (2.52 MB) | CloneSpy Portable 3.04 Download Page | Old Versions

Download CloneSpy Portable 3.03
CloneSpy_Portable_3.03_English.paf.exe (2.52 MB) | CloneSpy Portable 3.03 Download Page