DivXRepair Portable - Free AVI and DivX Video Fixer

DivXRepair Portable - Free AVI and DivX Video Fixer

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DivXRepair is a free and tiny tool to fix bad avi videos. It could automatically detect and eliminate bad video frames, which are undecodable frames or freezing frames.

DivXRepair cuts off the bad parts and re-assembly the file to repair your avi or divx files.

Run DivXRepairPortable.exe to launch DivXRepair Portable. The current version is DivXRepair 1.0.1.

DivXRepair Portable

About DivXRepair Portable

Website: divxrepair.sourceforge.net
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: CA3A400FA22AF42896B664935675CA86

Download DivXRepair Portable 1.0.1
DivXRepairPortable_1.0.1_English.paf.exe | 499 KB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  DivXRepair Portable 1.0.1 Download Page
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• Last Updated: 2012/4/19 23:42:52

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