EasyBrake Portable

EasyBrake Portable

EasyBrake is a advanced and hight quality video converter to convert videos files into MKV or MP4. EasyBrake is based on the HandBrake which is a great multithreaded video transcoder.

EasyBrake has built various conversion profile to get high quality MKV and MP4 such as Normal Profile, High Profile, iPod, iPhone & iPod touch, iPad, Android, Android Tablet, Apple TV, Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3.

And also EasyBrake allows to create Custom Profile. You could adjust Video bitrate, Resize, Audio bitrate, Gain, Mix down, Default Subtitle Lang, Split file, etc.


With Automatic video bitrate control, Automatic audio control, Automatic subtitle control, you could one click convert video for free with EasyBrake.

Note: run EasyBrake.exe to launch EasyBrake Portable. It was updated to version on 2013/9/19. EasyBrake is now able to cut videos in a visual cutting way.

To convert videos to MKV, you could also try MKVToolnix Portable or MakeMKV Portable.

EasyBrake Portable

What's new in EasyBrake

  1. New HandBrake CLI v5772
  2. New YouTube-dl 2013.09.08
  3. Code optimization
  4. Fixed Small graphical glitches
  5. Fixed stupid Online Download error

Download EasyBrake

Website: www.easybrakeconverter.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 00B7FBEE827F11171BC82FF940830017

Download EasyBrake Portable
EasyBrakePortable_1.0.0.1.paf.exe (13.9 MB)
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