EasyMPEG Lite Portable - Free MPEG/VCD/SVCD/DVD Editor

EasyMPEG Lite Portable - Free MPEG/VCD/SVCD/DVD Editor

EasyMPEG Lite is the free edition of the EasyMPEG MX. It could edit MPEG videos including VCD, SVCD, DVD videos easily.

EasyMPEG Lite help you edit MPEG files with the Real-Time Editor and Quick Joiner, which based on the "Result-Now" technique, MPEG Player and MPEG Demultiplex/Multiplex feature. Result-Now is a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) technique.

Run EasyMPEGLitePortable.exe to launch EasyMPEG Lite Portable. The current version is EasyMPEG Lite 3.3.4 Build 60.

Features of EasyMPEG Lite Portable:

    *  Real-Time edit based on Result-Now technique(preview the edited result before render)
    *  Support MPEG1 PS and PES file.
    *  Support DAT files on VCD.
    *  Accurate Audio/Video Synchronization
    *  Create a new 600MB mpeg file less than 5min.

EasyMPEG Lite Portable

About EasyMPEG Lite Portable

Website: www.easympeg.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 566779083400156FE2FD6A2EA7DC48BA

Download EasyMPEG Lite Portable 3.3.4 Build 60
EasyMPEGLitePortable_3.3.4.60_English.paf.exe | 1.32 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  EasyMPEG Lite Portable 3.3.4 Build 60 Download Page

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