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You are about to download the file for Folder Size Portable (1.42 MB): Folder Size Portable - Free Disk Usage Analyzer.

Pleae note that does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the Folder Size Portable file. You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

Get the FolderSizePortable_2.9.0.0_English.paf.exe file now:

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What's New in Folder Size Portable

  1. Added: Mixed "Largest files and folders" report
  2. Added: Option not to list files in order to save memory on large volumes of more than 100 TB
  3. Added: Increased memory limit to 4GB on x64 OS and 3GB on x86 systems.
  4. Added: Selected files and folders count in status bar
  5. Fixed: File name trimming issue when saving file names containing dots
  6. Fixed: Print dialog - "Limit printing to one page horizontally" button action fixed in operating systems newer than Windows Vista
  7. Fixed: Removed "There is no default printer currently selected" message on systems without printer.

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