NetWorx Portable 5.2.8 (64-bit)

NetWorx Portable 5.2.8 (64-bit) Free Download

You are about to Download it for NetWorx Portable 5.2.8 (64-bit) (1.55 MB): NetWorx Portable - Bandwidth Monitor and Speed Meter.

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NetWorx Portable 5.2.8 (64-bit)

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What's New in NetWorx Portable 5.2.8 (64-bit):

  1. Fixed editing hidden boolean settings. Added a swap In/Out hidden parameter.
  2. Fixed not resuming monitoring WinPCap traffic after adapter removal.
  3. Added ignoring duplicates when importing IP address to local traffic filter.
  4. Added recording traffic usage per application in the Ignore LAN traffic mode.
  5. Added a Connection Monitor that records interruptions in your Internet connection service.
  6. Moved ping, trace route and netstat under the Tools menu and updated some graphics.
  7. Removed Windows 2000 support. Now Windows XP or higher is required.

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