Opera Next Portable 16.0.1196.41

Opera Next Portable 16.0.1196.41 Free Download

You are about to download the file for Opera Next Portable 16.0.1196.41 (33.0 MB): The Opera Chromium Browser which is feature-complete candidate for the Stable version.

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What's New in Opera Next Portable 16.0.1196.41:

  1. Update Chromium to 1547.49
  2. Geolocation badge indicator is displayed in addressbar after the user dismisses the dialog with the ESC key
  3. Dot separating badge icons is missing on Windows
  4. Fix Crash in FillPasswordForm
  5. After performing Paste and Go, Opera remains focused on address bar
  6. Make paste and go work even without focus in address bar
  7. Prevent javascript copy/paste fraud
  8. Can't search for strings starting with javascript
  9. Crash occurs when trying to copy more then one line of code with javascript in address bar

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