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You are about to download the file for Evernote Portable (65.1 MB): Best notetaking software to help you manage your personal information including notes, ideas, inspiration, mindstors or webpages, etc.

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What's New in Evernote Portable

  1. Effortlessly switch between notebooks, tags and searches. Just hit Ctrl + Q from anywhere in the app to give it a try.
  2. Switch to specific notebooks and tags across your Personal and Business content even faster.
  3. Note zoom: Ctrl+Plus, Ctrl+Minus, Ctrl+0.
  4. Tag view is back! Use this view to easily filter, edit and organize your tags.
  5. Show and edit note dates directly from the note editor.
  6. Take snapshots and insert them directly into your notes.
  7. Minimized Evernote window will now be correctly restored to it's previous state, be it normal, maximized or docked.
  8. Search Box and Quick Search text entry fields will not accept formatted text any more.
  9. Some images were only shown as attachments. They are now consistently rendered inline.
  10. Audio recordings are now saved when navigating away from the note.
  11. Ink note shape recognition is now fixed.

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