Free Editor Portable - All Document and Image Files Editor

Free Editor Portable - All Document and Image Files Editor

Free Editor is designed to open and edit mang types of files including Microsoft Office Files, Other Document Files, Image Files, Windows PE Files and Coding Files.

Integrated with Image Editor, Hex Editor and Resource Editor, Free Editor has Powerful Document Editing Features and Includes spell checking and other power features.

Free Editor Portable is similar with the Free Opener Portable and Open Freely Portable to open many files. Run FreeEditor.exe to launch Free Editor Portable. The current version is Free Editor

Free Editor Portable

Free Editor could open, view, edit or print the following types of files:

.doc - Microsoft Word Document
.docx - Microsoft Word 2007 Document
.xls - Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsx - Excel 2007 Spreadsheet
.csv - Comma Separated Values File
.ppt - PowerPoint Presentation
.pptx - PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
.pps - PowerPoint Slide Show
.msg - Outlook Mail Message
.eml - E-Mail Message
.vcf - vCard File
.dot - Word Document Template
.dotx - Word 2007 Document Template
.wps - Microsoft Works Word Processor Doc
.txt - Plain Text File
.bat - DOS Batch File
.cfg - Configuration File
.log - Log File
.ini - Windows Initialization File
.reg - Registry File
.qif - Quicken Interchange Format File
.ica - Citrix ICA File
.srt - SubRip Subtitle File
.pages - Pages Document
.xps - XML Paper Specificiation File
.pdf - Portable Document Format File
.rtf - Rich Text Format File
.odt - OpenDocument Text Document
.wpd - WordPerfect Document
.xml - XML File
.resx - .NET Managed Resources File
.epub - Open eBook Format
.arw - Sony Digital Camera Image
.cf2 - Common File Format 2
.cr2 - Cannon Raw Image File
.crw - Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.dng - Digital Negative Image File
.erf - BioWare Entity Resource File
.mef - Mamiya RAW Image
.mrw - Minolta Raw Image File
.nef - Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image File
.orf - Olympus RAW File
.pef - Pentax Electronic File
.raf - Fuji RAW Image File
.raw - Raw Image Data File
.sr2 - Sony Raw Image
.x3f - SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.ico - Icon File
.psd - Adobe Photoshop Document
.svg - Scalable Vector Graphics File
.jpeg - JPEG Image
.jpg - JPG Image
.png - Portable Network Graphic
.gif - Graphical Interchange Format File
.bmp - Bitmap Image File
.tiff - Tagged Image File Format
.tif - Tagged Image File
.exe - Windows Executable File
.dll - Dynamic Link Library
.bpl - AutoCAD Batch Plot File
.scr - Windows Screensaver
.cpl - Windows Control Panel Item
.ocx - ActiveX Control
.jsp - Java Server Page
.vb - VBScript File
.c - C/C++ Source Code File
.cs - Visual C# Source Code File
.java - Java Source Code File
.php - Hypertext Preprocessor File
.sql - Structured Query Language Data File
.css - Cascading Style Sheet
.asp - Active Server Page
.aspx - Active Server Page Extended File
.kml - Keyhole Markup Lanauge File
.mht - MHTML Web Archive

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