FreeCAD Portable 0.18.4 (64-bit)

FreeCAD Portable 0.18.4 (64-bit)

FreeCAD is a free and open source mechanical design software to build what you want.

This 3D modeler tool can be used to design real objects of any size by parameters. You can easily modify your design by going back into your model history and changing its parameters.

FreeCAD Portable

Features of the FreeCAD Portable:

  • Freedom to build what you want.
  • Create 3D from 2D & back.
  • Accessible, flexible & integrated.
  • Designed for your needs.
  • And many more great features.

FreeCAD Portable

How to use FreeCAD Portable

Download the file FreeCADPortable_x64_0.18.4.paf.exe (64-bit) or FreeCADPortable_x86_0.18.4.paf.exe (32-bit), unzip or unpack it, then run FreeCADPortable.exe to launch it.

What's new in FreeCAD Portable v0.18.4 (64-bit)

  1. Extended TechDraw tools.
  2. New sketcher tools, more stable and robust PartDesign.
  3. Enhanced and extended Arch and BIM tools.
  4. Redesigned Start center.
  5. The Document tree (Model tab) now offers 3 options for how all documents are displayed.
  6. The 3D view now benefits from a new Navigation Cube to quickly orientate the view.
  7. Generic support for US Civil / Transportation Engineering units has been added.
  8. It is now possible to specify a custom background image for FreeCAD's main window.

Download FreeCAD Portable

MD5 Hash: C469D18FEE845ED2DDF5A55582E0A716

Download FreeCAD Portable v0.18.4 (64-bit)
FreeCADPortable_x64_0.18.4.paf.exe (301.60 MB) | FreeCAD Portable 0.18.4 (64-bit) Download Page | Donate

Download FreeCAD Portable v0.18.4 (32-bit)
FreeCADPortable_x86_0.18.4.paf.exe (125.05 MB) | FreeCAD Portable 0.18.4 (32-bit) Download Page | VirusTotal Report