Full Wipe Portable 1.0 - Wipe Data from SD Card or USB flash drive

Full Wipe Portable 1.0 - Wipe Data from SD Card or USB flash drive

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Full Wipe is a security tool to completely remove and erase data from SD card or removable memories. It could wipe the data on the memory cards, USB stickers, removalbe HDDs, all data will be un-recoveryable!

You could wipe one round, 2 rounds, 7 rounds or keep doing the wipping process until manually stop or unplug the disk driver.

Note: Run FullWipe.exe to launch Full Wipe Portable. The current version is Full Wipe 1.0. You could also try another free file shredder DPWipe or Eraser.

Full Wipe Portable

Features of Full Wipe:

  • Support full wipe different kinds of disks: SD card, micro SD card, CF card, USB memory sticker...
  • Will full overwrite all data in the disk media, make all data are UN-RECOVERYABLE;
  • Can specify how many rounds to wipe the disk, or even keeping wipping until manually stop;
  • Have confirm dialog before each operation, to avoid wrong operation;
  • Support multi platforms: Windows and Android;

Download Full Wipe Portable

Website: www.fullwipe.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 54666656A7E86BFAF092C57BA5DA6349

Download Full Wipe Portable 1.0
FullWipePortable_1.0_English.paf.exe | 5.56 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  Full Wipe Portable 1.0 Download Page
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