GeekUninstaller Portable

GeekUninstaller Portable

GeekUninstaller is a freeware program uninstaller with native x64 support. Geek Uninstaller is to replace the standard removel feature in the Control Panel just like IObit Uninstaller.

It performs deep and force removel to uninstall software completely. Geek Uninstaller allow you to jump to the Registry entry or installation folder directly.

Note: Run GeekUninstallerPortable.exe to launch Geek Uninstaller Portable.


If you need uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 completely, Remove Office 2010 would also help you.

GeekUninstaller Portable

What's new in GeekUninstaller

  1. Check for new version fix

Download Geek Uninstaller Portable

MD5 Hash: FBF6489A27BC6471EA66F966070013A8

Download GeekUninstaller Portable
GeekUninstallerPortable_1.2.1.27.paf.exe (2.26 MB) | GeekUninstaller Portable Download Page | Old Versions

Download GeekUninstaller Portable
GeekUninstallerPortable_1.1.1.26.paf.exe (2.26 MB) | GeekUninstaller Portable Download Page