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Inpaint Portable Legacy Versions

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Inpaint is a very nice image editor to remove watermark from a picture easily and exactly.

In Inpaint, you just make a selection with the Marker tool, Inpaint will magically fill the selected area with intelligently-generated textures pulled from the surrounding image data.

Inpaint Portable: Download All Legacy Versions

What's new

  • Added clipboard support
  • Added ability to close current image
  • Added ability to save image with default quality by keyboard shortcut
  • Corrected old translations and added some new
  • Minor interface improvements
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Inpaint Portable Version Archive:

  1. Inpaint Portable 5.6 (32-bit) (Last Updated: 2012/5/4)
  2. Inpaint Portable 5.6 (64-bit) (Last Updated: 2014/1/10)
  3. Inpaint Portable 4.7 (Last Updated: 2012/10/24)
  4. Inpaint Portable 4.3 (Last Updated: 2012/10/24)
  5. Inpaint Portable 3.1 (Last Updated: 2012/5/4)