Instagiffer Portable 1.32 - Free Animated GIF Maker

Instagiffer Portable 1.32 - Free Animated GIF Maker

Instagiffer is a freeware to make animated GIF. It could easily create GIF animation from video files or online videos.

To create animated GIF, just load a video file and set the Start Time and Duration to create it.

There are many options in Instagiffer to customize the GIF output such as Smoothness, Frame Size, Quality, Brightness, Playback Rate, Effect (Enhance/Color Fade/Black & White/Sepia/Oil Painting/Fade Edges), Adding Captions, etc.


In addition, you could also make dancing GIF by capturing screen.

Note: run instagiffer.exe to launch Instagiffer Portable. The current version is Instagiffer Portable 1.32. If you could not start instagiffer.exe, you may need to install the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package.

More Features of Instagiffer:

  • Create GIFs from anything on your screen…
  • Creates highly optimized but quality GIFs under 1MB in size. Perfect for Tumblr!
  • Make cool 2x2 GIF sets
  • Growing list of effects including sepia tone, oil painting and grayscale
  • Add multiple text captions with custom fonts, durations and colors
  • Use frame importer to combine two or more videos together
  • Create bouncing loops
  • Open and edit existing GIF files (handy for captioning / resizing)
  • Create GIFs from a collection of static images

Instagiffer Portable

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