Instantbird Portable 1.4 - Multiprotocol IM Client

Instantbird Portable 1.4 - Multiprotocol IM Client

Instantbird is a nice IM client that support multiple instant messaging protocols. With Instantbird, you could integrate the following protocols in a single application: AIM, Facebook Chat, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpaceIM, Netsoul, QQ, SIMPLE, Twitter, XMPP, Yahoo, Yhaoo Japan and LJ Talk (add-on needed).

Instantbird is a cross-platform that could run on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux with clean clutter-free user interface. The conversations are grouped in Tabs, this is extremely convenient.

Instantbird Portable was updated to version 1.4 on 2013/6/1.

Feature of Instantbird:

  • Talk to all your friends
  • Trouble free
  • Conversations in Tabs
  • Customizable conversations
  • Smart contacts
  • Always here for you
  • Limitless extensibility

Instantbird Portable

Instantbird 1.4 Release Notes:

  1. The log viewer now groups your conversations by date.
  2. Updated to the Twitter API v1.1, note that Instantbird 1.3 may stop working with Twitter on June 11th, 2013!
  3. Twitter now includes everyone you follow as a participant in your timeline.
  4. IRC authentication works better with bouncers (e.g. ZNC).
  5. You can now easily override self-signed/invalid/out-of-date certificates for IRC servers.
  6. Each account now keeps debug logs which can be accessed by right clicking on the account in the Account Manager and choosing "Copy Debug Logs", these contain essential information for developers to diagnose user issues. (Note that debug logs MAY contain sensitive information.)

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