Mipony Portable

Mipony Portable 2.5.2 - RapidShare/4shared/MediaFire/MEGA Downloader

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Mipony is a very useful and free download manager for downloaing files from file hosting sites automatically. It support handguards of file hosting website such as Putlocker, Rapidshare, Hotfile, Easy-share, Gigasize, Mediafire, Depositefiles, Fileserve, Filefactory, Uploading, 4shared, Letitbit, Sendspace, MEGA etc.

The best benefit is that Mipony can download file automatically. You just copy the download link, Mipony will recognize it and check if the file is availabe, and then add it into the download list.


Please install .NET Framework 2.0 before launching Mipony Portable.

Features of Mipony:

  • Mipony has an embedded web browser.
  • No need to have Premium accounts.
  • Fully automatic download.
  • It indicates if the files are available to be downloaded.
  • It optimizes your connection.
  • It also works with Premium accounts of Rapidshare, Megaupload and Hotfiles.
  • Remote control.

Mipony Portable

What's new in Mipony 2.5.2:

  1. Added Rarefile.net premium support
  2. Added copiapop.com account support
  3. Added filejoker premium support
  4. Added backin.net premium support
  5. Updated upstore.net
  6. Updated katfile.com
  7. Updated dfiles.eu
  8. Updated uploads.to
  9. Added glbupload.com
  10. Added ausfile.com
  11. Added uplod.ws
  12. Added suprafiles.net
  13. Added file-upload.cc
  14. Added filenext.com
  15. Added uploadgig.com
  16. Added up-4ever.com
  17. Updated katfile.com
  18. Updated uplea.com
  19. Updated bezsms.org
  20. Updated yadi.sk
  21. Updated share-online.biz
  22. Updated webshare.cz
  23. Updated vidup.me
  24. Removed cloudsix.me
  25. Removed letitbit.net
  26. Removed secureupload.eu
  27. Removed uploading.com
  28. Removed sharesix.com

Download Mipony Portable

Developer: www.mipony.net
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 7A62F601DC3B94BBB1263249E42CA3A8

Download Mipony Portable 2.5.2 Multilingual
MiPonyPortable_2.5.2.paf.exe (3.65 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | Mipony Portable 2.5.2 Download Page | Old Versions

Download Mipony Portable 2.2.3
MiponyPortable_2.2.3.paf.exe (3.67 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | Mipony Portable 2.2.3 Download Page

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• Author: Thinapp@ThinstallSoft

• Category: Internet Tools

• Post Views: 64595

• Downloads: 17681

• Last Updated: 2017/3/6 21:27:09

• Permalink: https://www.thinstallsoft.com/mipony/

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  1. Empatojayos
    15:27 2014/07/14

    Please update to version 2.1.4

    BTW: I like thininstallsoft also offers a portable version of the MOVIER software (from the same guys from mipony). Is the brother program of mipony (check mipony blog) and complement them. (The last version is 1.1.4)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. wyldebull
    20:57 2014/04/20

    Please Update to mipony 2.1.3

  3. Empatojayos
    12:29 2014/02/19

    Please Update to mipony 2.1.2

  4. wyldebull
    03:39 2013/12/17

    Hey guys, update to mipony 2.1.1 .

    • thinstallsoft
      09:40 2013/12/23

      Hi, I have updated it to the 2.1.1. Please download and test. Thanks.

  5. garzo
    21:38 2013/07/15

    waouh, great work, this nos replaces jdownloader (become too heavy)

  6. Valeu, rápido e sem bugs!

  7. Electron4
    08:28 2013/03/16

    Good work friend 😀
    Nice website for downloads

  8. Vaga
    03:35 2013/01/01

    thanks for this

  9. Hantor
    16:14 2012/05/22

    go fuck your self – where is download butoon locations ??????????????????????????????????????????

    • thinstallsoft
      16:52 2012/05/22

      Click on the “Show Download Locations” in the downlaod page: http://www.thinstallsoft.com/files/?id=298  ,I plan to change the download page template soon.

  10. Wyldebull
    23:39 2012/03/06

    Please update to MiPONY 1.6.1.

  11. Slavi
    02:38 2012/02/08

    Please add Captcha Trader plugin with installation


  12. Qwerty
    16:48 2011/11/11

    Please, FIX MiPony!!

  13. Guest
    17:08 2011/11/03

    Changes in options don’t write xml (or correct xml) files.
    Please fix.

    • Anonymous
      18:40 2011/11/05

      Thx for your feedback, please redownload and test it. just replace the MiponyPortable.exe.

      • Guest
        15:56 2011/11/07

        Sorry but don’t save.
        I make a task to start all at 21:00 every days, activate speed limit to 700, change size of the main window… but after exit, when a launch again, all settings to default.
        Thanks a lot, but please fix, it’s a great program.
        PD: i get from mediafire

  14. A9541002
    07:59 2011/10/31

    I have to configure it every time I open it.

    • Anonymous
      09:45 2011/11/01

      Did you use the latest portable version? And i want to know whether your file system is NTFS or not.

      • A9541002
        02:51 2011/11/02

        1. Yes.
        2. It’s FAT32.

        • Anonymous
          18:39 2011/11/05

          I have fixed it, please re-download and test it. You could replace the MiponyPortable.exe only.

  15. Tarari
    02:49 2011/10/30

    El enlace no funciona

  16. DjPsicopatha
    04:32 2011/10/01

    I still keep my version 1.2.3, the requirement of dotNET 4 makes me sad, install this on every machine that i run is annoying

  17. joby_toss
    19:44 2011/09/27

    Thank you!

  18. isolius
    00:15 2011/09/08
  19. Pradip Shah
    11:32 2011/09/07

    I have practically tried everything under the sky for downloading from Filesonic through a premium account. Mipony is the ONLY download manager that can resume downloads without errors.


    • Yomismo
      16:17 2011/11/03

      Una vez configurado funciona correctamente, pero cuando lo cerramos, hay que volver a configurarlo.
      ¿Se puede reparar este error?
      Gracias anticipadas.

      • Ankit
        15:35 2012/02/15

        Thanks.I m a huge fan of portable soft hence this is my favourite site………



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