O&O Defrag Free Edition Portable

O&O Defrag Free Edition Portable

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O&O Defrag Free Edition is a powerful disk defragmentation utility. It would perform deep defragmentation to optimize your file system considerably.

O&O Defrag Free Edition use 3 defragmentation methods to merges fragmented space: OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE/Quick and OPTIMIZE/Complete.

    *  OPTIMIZE is the default and recommended method. It executes a SPACE defragmentation in all three zones of the selected drive.

    *  OPTIMIZE/Quick is used under very little hard disk usage. It aggressively reduces fragmentation of extremely fragmented files, without having to analyze the entire file system.

    *  OPTIMIZE/Complete is only needed when you want to rearrange the files on a hard disk following a large-scale program installation.

You could also try other disk defragmentation tools such as Defraggler Portable or Wise PC Engineer. For registry defragmentation, try Wondershare Registry Defrag.

O&O Defrag Free Edition

About O&O Defrag Free Edition Portable

Website: www.oo-software.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com

Download O&O Defrag Free Edition 14.1 Build 431 (32-bit) Portable
OO.Defrag_ThinstallSoft.7z | 9.68 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  O&O Defrag Free Edition 14.1 Download Page
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