Opera Mail Portable 1.0.1040 - Opera Email Client and RSS Reader

Opera Mail Portable 1.0.1040 - Opera Email Client and RSS Reader

Opera Mail is a new lightweight, independent mail, news and rss client. It is designed for speed, elegance, and user friendliness. Get the most out of your mail client and experience organized and dynamic email, news, and feeds.

Opera Mail uses a new approach to sort and organise your messages. It uses more flexible and intelligent "Views" and "Labels". It keeps messages in a single database, allowing them to be displayed in multiple views without copying or moving.

Opera Mail Portable

Opera Mail is also a powerful Offline RSS Reader. You could easily subscribe to a RSS newsfeed.

Opera Mail Portable

Google Reader will be shutting down on July, 2013 and now you could import your Google Reader feed list (OPML File) into Opera Mail and get notified of website updates and news. Opera Mail is just an excellent alternative to Google Reader.

Note: Run operamail.exe to launch Opera Mail Portable. All the settings are saved into the profile folder. The current version is Opera Mail 1.0 Build 1040.

More about Opera Mail:

  • More efficient mail: The way you read mail just got better. Elegant tabs allow you to view multiple emails messages at once and navigate between them with ease.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Threads help you smartly organize your mail. Keep up with the context of any mail thread, and quickly view previous messages in the conversation.
  • Sort messages intuitively: Labels allow you to sort your messages quickly. Take control of your inbox and set simple rules to sort mail automatically.
  • Keep up with your favorites: Opera Mail's built-in feed reader provides automatic notification of updates to your favorite websites.

Download Opera Mail

Website: www.opera.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: B7138717380531021C4C3DA72D2B6FEF

Download Opera Mail Portable 1.0.1040
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