PDF Combine Portble - Simple PDF Merger

PDF Combine Portble - Simple PDF Merger

PDF Combine is a very simple PDF tool to merge several pdf files together. If you are looking for a utility that could combine several PDF files to one PDF, you may try PDF Combine.

There is a file browser in PDF Combine to explore pdf files, just select the pdf files and select [Combine to PDF] from the menu. You could also try other PDF merger such as 7-PDF Split & Merge.

Features of PDF Combine:

    *  Combines different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books
    *  Allows selecting as many PDF files as you like
    *  Supports different kinds of PDF files produced by various programs
    *  Suggests adding macros in destination path (date or time)
    *  Keeps folder structure if you combine subfolders within a folder.
    *  For e-books PDF Combine creates Table of Contents. Each file name of the combined files becomes a bookmark.
    *  New! PDF Combine adds headers and footers to PDF pages.

PDF Combine Portable

About PDF Combine Portable

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Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
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Download PDF Combine Portable 1.5.81
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