PDF Rider Portable 0.6.1 - Edit PDF Files in Your PDF Reader

PDF Rider Portable 0.6.1 - Edit PDF Files in Your PDF Reader

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PDF Rider is a free PDF toolkit based on the PDFtk. PDF Rider is the PDFtk GUI to manipulate PDF files.

With PDF Rider, you could Merge PDF documents, Insert pages from another pdf file, Extract pages from a PDF document to a new document, Delete pages, Rotate pages, Crypt and Decrypt a pdf file, Burst a document into single pages, etc.

PDF Rider uses a web browser control to load and render the pdf file. Then you could edit PDF files in your own PDF Reader.

Note: Run PDFRiderPortable.exe to launch PDF Rider Portable. The current version is PDF Rider 0.6.1. Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework is required to run PDF Rider.

PDF Rider Portable

About PDF Rider Portable

Website: pdfrider.codeplex.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: C47F15C6A57E75FCF58BDE39363E86C7

Download PDF Rider Portable 0.6.1
PDFRiderPortable_0.6.1.paf.exe | 2.33 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  PDF Rider Portable 0.6.1 Download Page
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