PingPlotter Freeware Portable - Visual Traceroute Tool

PingPlotter Freeware Portable - Visual Traceroute Tool

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PingPlotter Freeware is an enhanced graphical trace route program. PingPlotter Freeware uses Ping and ICMP echo requests to trace the route a packet takes between your computer and a final destination.

PingPlotter Freeware does the route tracing in multi-threading, enhanced statistics, graphical viewing and a high speed engine that lets you test your connection repeatedly. You can also use PingPlotter Freeware in continuous mode.

PingPlotter was created to repeatedly test a connection in a way that allowed us to see which part of the network was the culprit, and then present it in a way that could be sent to someone that could fix the problem (usually the ISP).

PingPlotter Portable

About PingPlotter Portable


Download PingPlotter Freeware Portable 1.30 Portable
PingPlotter.Freeware_ThinstallSoft.7z | 651 KB  |  PingPlotter Freeware Portable 1.30 Download Page
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