Similar Image Finder Portable 1.1 - Duplicate Image Finder

Similar Image Finder Portable 1.1 - Duplicate Image Finder

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Similar Image Finder is a fast tool to search duplicate images on your disk even there are not exactly the same. Similar Image Finder could find the same image and the similar image.

It has two search mode: Faster (Less Accurate ) and Slower (More Accurate Slower). You could delete the duplicate or move dumplate to another folder.

Note: Run SimilarImageFinderPortable.exe to launch Similar Image Finder Portable. The current version is Similar Image Finder 1.1.

Similar Image Finder Portable

Features of Similar Image Finder:

  • You can search for similar images in multiple folders...
  • You can specify if the search will include sub-folders or not...
  • You can specify the minimum similarity ratio...
  • You can specify the speed of search...
  • You can  specify image file formats to search...
  • You can choose the original file according to the file size, creation date or pixel size...

Download Similar Image Finder Portable

MD5 Hash: E2662E5EDDFF1689100F0DD7E7F0A4B1

Download Similar Image Finder Portable 1.1
SimilarImageFinderPortable_1.1_English.paf.exe | 5.20 MB  |  Similar Image Finder Portable 1.1 Download Page
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