Simpo PDF to Text Portable - Advanced PDF to TXT Converter

Simpo PDF to Text Portable - Advanced PDF to TXT Converter

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Simpo PDF to Text is a useful PDF covnerter that could convert PDF to plain txt fastly with high quality.

As a professional PDF to Text converter, Simpo PDF to Text supports common characters including arabic, chinese-simplified, chinese-traditional, cyrillic, greek, hebrew, japanese, korean, latin2, thai, turkish, etc.

Wondershare PDF to Word is also an excellent PDF converter. However, if you want to convert scanned PDF files, you shoud use ABBYY Screenshot Reader.

Features of Simpo PDF to Text:

    *  Independent to convert PDF to Text
    *  Batch conversion and partial extraction
    *  Good Quality from PDF to Text
    *  High compatibility

Simpo PDF to Text Portable

About Free Simpo PDF to Text Portable

MD5 Hash: 552F95BE63835D0107CCF4C404A088C1

Download Simpo PDF to Text Giveaway Edition Portable
SimpoPDFtoTextPortable_2.2.0.0.paf.exe | 4.25 MB  |  Simpo PDF to Text Portable Download Page
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