Snap2IMG Portable 2.01 - Create Thumbnail for all Images in a Folder

Snap2IMG Portable 2.01 - Create Thumbnail for all Images in a Folder

Snap2IMG is a free contact sheet image generator. It could create thumbnail sheets or image index for image folders.

Snap2IMG outputs a large thumbnail image containing thumnails showing all the images in the folder.

You could change thumbnail width, height or images per row. In addition, you could also customize the spacing between thumbnails, page margins, header, filenames, footer, border and background.

Note: run Snap2IMG.exe to launch Snap2IMG Portable. Snap2IMG Portable was updated to version 2.01 on 2013/7/18.


Snap2IMG Product Features:

  • Process a single folder or all subfolders
  • Filenames automatically reflect the source folder
  • Handy preview feature for testing various settings
  • Change thumbnail size and aspect ratio
  • Show header, footer and filenames, with individual font settings
  • Texts can be customized using <tags>
  • Set background color and texture image
  • Draw solid, dashed or dotted borders around thumbnails
  • Change page margins and thumbnail spacing
  • Portable
  • Freeware

Snap2IMG Portable

What's new in Snap2IMG 2.01?

  1. This version includes many improvements, including multithreading, splitting, adaptive height and styling options.
  2. Just a minor update fixing some bugs when using large borders.

Download Snap2IMG

MD5 Hash: 616FD1EB64A3208E9FA1032354600BC1

Download Snap2IMG Portable 2.01
Snap2IMGPortable_2.01_English.paf.exe | 568 KB | Snap2IMG Portable 2.01 Download Page | Old Versions

Download Snap2IMG Portable 1.01
Snap2IMGPortable_1.01_English.paf.exe | 462 KB | Snap2IMG Portable 1.01 Download Page