SyncBackFree Portable

SyncBackFree Portable

SyncBackFree frome 2BrightSparks is a completely freeware for file backup & synchronization with advanced options. It can be used with hard drives, removable media (e.g. USB keys), FTP servers, ZIP archives, and network shares.

SyncBackFree Portable is easy to use, but includes many options for the power user.

SyncBackFree Portable

Product features of SyncBackFree:

  1. Backup and Synchronize: copy files in both directions.
  2. Restore from backups quickly & easily.
  3. Email logs automatically.
  4. Run programs before and after backups.
  5. Automatically schedule backups.
  6. Unicode enabled for non-English filenames.
  7. Simple and Advanced mode.
  8. Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista (32/64 bit).
  9. Extensive Help Documentation.
  10. Completely Free Windows Backup solution.
  11. No registration required.
  12. No strings or catches whatsoever.

SyncBackFree Portable

For more powerful features, e.g. cloud, more FTP features, SFTP, FTPS, better compression and encryption, scripting, and more, please take a look at SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.

How to use SyncBackFree Portable

Download the file SyncBackFreePortable_9.4.2.15.paf.exe, unzip or unpack it, then run SyncBackFreePortable.exe to launch the SyncBackFree Portable v9.4.2.15.

What's new in SyncBackFree Portable v9.4.2.15

  1. Fixed: French translation causing exception in profile configuration.
  2. Fixed: Multi-threaded FTP scanning with WeOnlyDo may cause program crash.
  3. Fixed (Pro): WebDAV failing to connect to some servers.
  4. Updated: The default buffer size for file copying has been increased from 128KB to 2048KB.
  5. Updated: The backup copy method internal buffer size has been increased from 128KB to 2048KB.
  6. Updated (SE/Pro): When using a sync profile the default storage location for versions is now a sub-folder of the base folder.
  7. Updated: Estimated time left is more accurate when copying a mix of large and small files.

Download SyncBackFree Portable

MD5 Hash: A58B424FABF6C2EC36F4D15B6302F22A

Download SyncBackFree Portable v9.4.2.15
SyncBackFreePortable_9.4.2.15.paf.exe (21.15 MB) | SyncBackFree Portable Download Page