vokoscreenNG Portable

vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6 - Free Screen & Camera Recorder

vokoscreenNG is a free and open source screen recorder based on Qt and GStreamer. You can use it to record your screen or camera to create a high quality screencast video.

It is easy to use to create educational videos, live recordings of browser, installation, videoconferences, etc.

vokoscreenNG Portable

To create a screencast in vokoscreenNG Portable, just press Ctrl+Shift+F10 to start and Ctrl+Shift+F11 to stop. The screencast video will be saved directly in the output folder. You can choose the MKV, WebM, AVI, MP4 or MOV output format with various video and audio codec.

vokoscreenNG Portable

How to use vokoscreenNG Portable

Download the file vokoscreenNGPortable_3.0.6.paf.exe, unzip or unpack it, then run vokoscreenNGPortable.exe to launch the vokoscreenNG Portable v3.0.6.

What's new in vokoscreenNG Portable v3.0.6

  1. Audio: Fix bug. Reason: Can crash on startup.
  2. Audio: Added buffer for audio encoder. Reason: For some machines dropouts were reported.
  3. x264: Added profile high-4:4:4 to profile baseline in a Combobox. Reason: The profile high-4:4:4 has better colors if desired.
  4. GUI: Player have now tango icons. Reason: Uniform look of the GUI.
  5. GUI: Setting for audio codec moved to the second tab. Reason: Better Usability.
  6. vaapih264: Add slider for quality. Reason: The default setting sometimes has artifacts.
  7. openh264: Add slice-mode, num-slices and max-slice-size buffers. Reason: The default buffer is too small with frequent change of scene.
  8. openh264: Changed the slider for quality from min=0 max=50 to min=1 max=51. Reason: Wrong values.
  9. openh264: When recording, slider and button will now disabled. Reason: Better Usability.
  10. Windows: New Windows logo.
  11. Windows: Third party licenses added.

Download vokoscreenNG Portable

Website: linuxecke.volkoh.de
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 9F634EAFC55E517127226940012DF884

Download vokoscreenNG Portable v3.0.6
vokoscreenNGPortable_3.0.6.paf.exe (31.03 MB)
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