Wondershare Disk Manager - Free Partition Manager

Wondershare Disk Manager - Free Partition Manager

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Wondershare Disk Manager is free and handy tool to backup hard disk and manage partitions.

As a free partition tool, wondershare disk manager would help you create partition, delete partition, resize partition, copy partition, recover partition, convert partition, set partition active, hide/unhide partition, format partition, etc.

You could also create an exact disk copy for backup with this Wondershare Disk Manager.

Features of Wondershare Disk Manager:

    *  Easy to use, designed for both novice and expert users
    *  Helps you re-structure hard disk for maximum disk use
    *  Partition manager can create, delete, resize, copy…and recover partitions
    *  Disk management allows you to copy hard disk, delete all partitions, etc.
    *  Complete wizards make partition management a piece of cake

Wondershare Disk Manager Portable

About Wondershare Disk Manager Portable

Website: www.wondershare.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com

Download Wondershare Disk Manager 1.0.0
disk-manager-free_full719.exe | 5.91 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  Wondershare Disk Manager 1.0.0 Download Page
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