Astro Avenger Portable - Space Shooter Game

Astro Avenger Portable - Space Shooter Game

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Astro Avenger is a cool and exciting space shooter game with cool graphics, excellent sound effects and groovy sound track.

You get involved into the atmosphere of intergalactic battles in Astro Avenger. You could buy new types of weapons, ammo, armor and batteries once you get high level.

Fighting takes place in five distinct and expansive galaxies, with over 25 different enemy ships types to combat.

Astro Avenger Portable

About Astro Avenger Portable

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Download Astro Avenger Portable Giveaway Edition
Astro.Avenger_ThinstallSoft.7z | 20.4 MB  |  Astro Avenger Portable Giveaway Edition Download Page
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