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Evernote is a free and convenient notetaking software to help you manage your personal information. You could gather all the notes, ideas, inspiration, mindstors or webpages in one place.

Evernote uses tags and notebook stack to manage all the stored notes. For notes list, there are 3 view mode: List, Snippet and Thumbnail. Then you could create, manage, search in a rather easy way.

An useful feature is that Evernote can sync your local note database to the cloud. Then you will work on your note database across mutiple computers and devices. Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.

Evernote Portable

Run EvernotePortable.exe to launch Evernote Portable. The Evernote Portable does NOT contain IE Clip and Outlook Add-in features. If you could not run Evernote Portable normally, you need to install Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package.

The local files (Database) of Evernote Portable is the [Data] subfolder by default. If you want to chang it, you need to edit the EvernotePortable.ini file and set the value of the DataBaseFolder item. For example:


The Evernote 6 has over a hundred improvements and enhancements. The interface looks more modern and let you access the things you want more easily. The new search and discovery functions help you find what you're looking for intelligently, and sometimes surface relevant information before you even think to look.

Evernote Portable

What's new in Evernote for Windows

  1. Spend less time searching–view all your shared notes and notebooks from the Shared section in the sidebar.
  2. Speed up the syncing process–limit sync to recently changed and frequently used notes. To turn it on, go to Tools > Options > Synchronization and select "Enable on demand sync."
  3. Handling of large notes including those with big images or attachments on 32-bit systems.
  4. An intermittent error syncing when connecting to a business account for the first time.
  5. Issues with the printing of notes with tables.

Download Evernote Portable

Developer: www.evernote.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 154DE91DAF60C00D4AF078126B8C37DE

Download Evernote Portable Public
EvernotePortable_6.5.4.4720.paf.exe (67.90 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | Evernote Portable Download Page | Old Versions

Download Evernote Portable
EvernotePortable_6.4.2.3788.paf.exe (65.1 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | Evernote Portable Download Page

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  1. Peter
    15:49 2014/05/27

    If you have time, was it possible to update the portable install to v5.4? BTW, the new presentation feature is quite cool!

  2. John
    02:19 2014/02/07

    EN just got another release, 5.2 Was it possible to update the portable app, too? Many thanks!

  3. Mark
    15:55 2014/01/22

    Version is out! Can you please update the portable app?

    • thinstallsoft
      18:13 2014/01/25

      I have updated it. Please download and test. Thanks.

      • Mark
        20:27 2014/01/27

        I updated Evernote using your latest release and it seems to work fine. Thanks a lot!

  4. hoaphu10
    15:28 2014/01/04

    Thanks for making it. I really need this app. I think note-taking apps should be portable

  5. Johnny
    16:20 2013/09/06

    Is it possible to set EverNote Data folder in other path other than the .EvernotePortableData path? If yes, How to set it? Thanks!

    • thinstallsoft
      21:48 2013/10/06

      Now you could edit the EvernotePortable.ini file and set the value of the DataBaseFolder item to change the EverNote Data folder.

  6. John-Paul Coetzee
    18:43 2013/03/25

    There is now a new version Look forward to the portable thinstall! Keep up the good work.

  7. Andrija
    21:33 2013/02/17

    2 Questions:

    – When I customize the buttons on the toolbar, it always resets them to default after restart – is this fixable?

    – It always starts in the minimized mode – can this be changed?

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts, very useful to have this “the portable way”…


    • thinstallsoft
      10:04 2013/02/22

      1. Have you exit Evernote manually after you changing the toolbar? 2. May be there is none an option to set the minimized mode, i’ll try to check it.

  8. GALERO2
    11:18 2012/10/30




    • thinstallsoft
      21:52 2012/10/31

      You login your account for the first time and remember the lgoin, then you can use it without internet connection.

    • magnus
      22:24 2013/02/07

      Evernote is not a social network

  9. Azdayton
    02:08 2012/06/22

    Addendum:  I found it was in Programs and Features for uninstalling.  But after running, it left 82.1MB of data on the PC in:

    This includes a 83BM .exb file which I believe is my local database.  Definitialy NOT good if I were to, for example, try to use it at a library or other shared PC location.

    Nice that it can be installed without admin rights, but I would REALLY advise caution!


    – AzDayton – 06/21/2012 11:08

  10. Azdayton
    02:02 2012/06/22

    Interesting implementation.  Not really “portable” though, since it installs on the target machine, storing the database in:

    and the program in:

    as well as adding Evernote to the Start Menu in:
    C:Users%UserName%AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms

    Not sure what all other changes it makes.  Since this PC is locked down and I don’t have admin rights, I assume there are no Registry changes, and that all files are stored under C:Users%UserName%

    So while this allows installation on corporate PCs that are locked down, it leaves stuff on the host PC, so it couldn’t be used “portably”, since it’d leave parts of my database on any machine I installed it on instead of keeping it on the thumb drive.  AND if you put it on a locked down machine, you run the risk of getting in trouble!

    Use with caution!

    – AzDayton – 06/21/2012 11:01

    • Avi Aryan
      22:11 2013/07/29

      It is a Thinapped version, isn’t it . Thinapp can make programs store data in their exe directory itself but I don’t know why the creator here has preferred storing the settings in the C:/ Drive.

      • thinstallsoft
        20:19 2013/08/01

        Now is not Thinapped version but paf format. The settings and database are all saved in the app folder.

  11. rutmang
    00:01 2012/03/03

    Hello!  Thanks for working on making this portable (again).  I downloaded this for the first time yesterday and it still seems to have an issue as described below where it must be run as administrator on Windows 7 to retain its settings.  
    I’m trying it out again on a fresh VM using admin all the way through but my testing yesterday showed I could not move it to another machine without it performing a re-sync and it would recreate the database to its initial install path rather than reading the DB from its child Data folder.  Changing the registry entry to read the Data folder as a relative path caused the program to error out.Again, many thanks for the work you put into these packages.  It is greatly appreciated!

  12. Mat
    06:56 2012/02/02

    Thank you for great job! I use evernote in everyday life now I can have it on my work pc too.
    I had some problems at the beginning, the soft did not want to start, but finally I am in. Thanks again.

  13. Travis Noles
    23:44 2012/01/25

    Works great! Thanks for making this! 🙂

  14. Johnson
    17:32 2011/12/03

    Is a new version of Evernote. How to upgrade portable version?

  15. Emilykmn
    13:07 2011/11/01

    works fine with one exception – it doesnt save the settings -asks for login every time, and doesnt save changes like enable or disable “check spell”

    any way to change it?

    • Anonymous
      13:45 2011/11/01

      Already exit Evernote from the system tray completely?

    • Guest
      22:17 2011/12/04

      You must run the program as Administrator. Everytime it not Run as Administrator, all settings are lost even if you run it as Administrator next time.

  16. please host somewhere else, mediafire is blocked from my location

  17. Stuffandthings
    05:42 2011/10/27

    Sure would be nice if I didnt have to login each time I start evernote.  I work in an environment where evernote will not sync due to firewalls.

  18. Ladybugster
    17:02 2011/10/22

    Thank you for the latest release. 🙂

  19. Guest
    00:04 2011/10/21

    Is there a way to run this where it does not require Admin Access?

    • Anonymous
      10:30 2011/10/21

      Please re-download it, the new package does not require Admin Access any more.

  20. Guest
    02:02 2011/10/07

    It installed correctly via PortableApps, but still asks for admin access upon launch. Is there a way to circumvent that?

    • Anonymous
      21:48 2011/10/10

      Hi, I have rebuilded the Launcher and remove the admin right access. PLZ download again.

  21. meginhart
    16:48 2011/10/01

    Thank you very much. It works perfectly well.
    Even in in the age of smartphones, tablets & Co. there is good use for a usb-version of this brilliant tool.
    Greetings from Germany

  22. BK
    03:08 2011/08/14

    Thanks for the work!

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work?

    • Thinapp
      00:55 2011/08/15

      Have you followed the steps above? Could you tell more info about it?

      • Brasssmonkey
        23:50 2011/09/12

        I seem to be having an issue where it will not complete a sync.
        Mutliple re downloads and configs
        Changed all kinds of permissions on files
        verified no firewall / virus issues
        multiple machines behind different firewalls.



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