Evernote Portable

Evernote Portable

Evernote is a free and convenient notetaking software to help you manage your personal information. You could gather all the notes, ideas, inspiration, mindstors or webpages in one place.

Evernote uses tags and notebook stack to manage all the stored notes. For notes list, there are 3 view mode: List, Snippet and Thumbnail. Then you could create, manage, search in a rather easy way.

An useful feature is that Evernote can sync your local note database to the cloud. Then you will work on your note database across mutiple computers and devices. Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see.

Evernote Portable

Important notes about Evernote Portable Edition

  1. You may need to install the VC++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package to launch the program.
  2. Evernote Portable does NOT contain IE Clip and Outlook Add-in features.
  3. The Evernote local files (Database) folder of Evernote Portable is the [Data] folder by default.
  4. If you want to chang the default Database folder, edit the [Data\EvernotePortable.ini] file and set a folder value to the DataBaseFolder item. For example:


    The DataBaseFolder Path must be a full & valid path.

  5. To auto-start Evernote Portable on Windows logon, edit the [Data\EvernotePortable.ini] file and set the value of LaunchOnWindowsStartup item to 1.


    Then run EvernotePortable.exe again to create a shortcut to Evernote Portable in the Windows startup folder.

Evernote Portable

How to use Evernote Portable

Download the file EvernotePortable_6.25.1.9091.paf.exe, unzip or unpack it, then run EvernotePortable.exe to launch the Evernote Portable v6.25.1.9091.

What's new in Evernote Portable v6.25.1.9091

  1. Some users experienced issues with switching Google accounts once authenticated on non-Chrome browsers.
  2. Issues with note history import.
  3. Security update.

Download Evernote Portable

Website: evernote.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: C000DC73C0058F3FDA7650EDF1CFE2A8

Download Evernote Portable v6.25.1.9091
EvernotePortable_6.25.1.9091.paf.exe (86.55 MB)
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