Boxoft Free OCR Portable - Extract Text from Image

Boxoft Free OCR Portable - Extract Text from Image

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Boxoft Free OCR is a nice freeware that could extract text out of images using the OCR technology.

After importing images into this free text extractor, you can OCR selected or OCR all Pages of the image text.

Boxoft Free OCR can analyze multi-column text and support multiple languages ocr: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Basque.

    *  Free Text Extractor
    *  Fast OCR Tool
    *  Scan and OCR Connected
    *  Free upgrade forever

Boxoft Free OCR

About Boxoft Free OCR Portable

MD5 Hash: 09D567485FA3D54DBACBA08732C29E1A

Download Boxoft Free OCR 2.3 Portable
BoxoftFreeOCRPortable_2.3_English.paf.exe | 10.8 MB  |  Boxoft Free OCR 2.3 Download Page
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• Author: Thinapp@ThinstallSoft

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  1. anonymous
    23:49 2013/02/22

    Latest official version of Boxoft Free OCR Portable is 1.0 (1.1 on some sites),
    So how it can be version 2.3 portable?

    • thinstallsoft
      09:15 2013/02/23

      I find The version 2.3 from the freeocr.exe Properties. You could right click on the freeocr.exe file and switch to the Detail tab to find it.



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