A-PDF Number Portable 1.3 - Add Page Number to PDF Pages

A-PDF Number Portable 1.3 - Add Page Number to PDF Pages

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A-PDF Number is a freeware to add or create page number in PDF file pages.

A-PDF Number could add three page number types including Number, ROMAN NUMBER (IV) or roman number (iv). You could set the Prefix, Page Begin, Page End or Offset of each number type. A-PDF Number also allows you to change color of the page number.

In addition, you could adjust the page number position in Left bottom, Middle bottom or Right bottom.

Note: Run PDFNumber.exe to launch A-PDF Number Portable. The current version is A-PDF Number 1.3.

A-PDF Number product features:

    *  Standalone application. No other program needed.
    *  Adding numbers to selected pages of documents.
    *  Three display mode: number, ROMAN(IV), roman (iv).
    *  Three position select. Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right.
    *  Prefix setting.
    *  Color setting.
    *  FREE! You can use it either personally or commercially for free.

A-PDF Number Portable

About A-PDF Number Portable

Website: www.a-pdf.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 04F0CABD5EB990398F8011CA4E81CD99

Download A-PDF Number Portable 1.3
A-PDFNumberPortable_1.3_English.paf.exe | 712 KB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  A-PDF Number Portable 1.3 Download Page
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