PDFrizator Portable - Free PDF Presentation Maker

PDFrizator Portable - Free PDF Presentation Maker

PDFrizator is a freeware to convert images to PDF and make presentations.

You could import all types of images, cbr/cbz Comic Books and existing PDF, then create PDF presentations with background musics.

PDFrizator allows you to add the PDF page transition effects including Blinds, Box, Comb, Cover, Dissolve, Fade, Fly, Glitter, Push, Random, Replace, Split, Unconver, Wipe, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, etc.

Note: run PDFrizator.exe to launch PDFrizator Portable. The current version is PDFrizator

You could also try some other imge to PDF converters such as A-PDF To Image Portable and Axommsoft Image to Pdf Portable.

Product features:

  • Create PDF presentations, setting up the page transition effect, automatic page advance time and the presentation background music.
  • Convert multiple file type formats (e.g. .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif, .cbr, .cbz,...) to PDF.
  • Add supported file types to the project using the command line, Shell drag and drop, Internet search, or paste from the Windows clipboard.
  • Powerful Resource Explorer, able to browse local files and online ones using Internet services such as: Bing images, Google images, Picasa, Flickr and Twitpic.
  • Advanced Sound Explorer, with embedded player, to easily select local music files, or found in the Internet, searching in sites such as SoundCloud.
  • Easily view and convert .cbr and .cbz Comic Books to PDF.
  • Acquire from TWAIN sources, with timed acquire function.
  • Auto deskew pages, even from already existing PDF's.
  • Visually merge, delete, rotate, rearrange and set result PDF pages size.
  • Advanced GUI, with docking functionality.
  • Possibility to install in portable mode.

PDFrizator Portable

About PDFrizator Portable

Website: www.rttsoftware.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 7AB46B87F0CD8A3297F1946F7C787F61

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