ReadThemAll Portable - Free Ebook Reader with Innovative Auto-Scrolling

ReadThemAll Portable - Free Ebook Reader with Innovative Auto-Scrolling

ReadThemAll is a free E-book reader with a new way of viewing texts which is slightly different to convertional way of showing text.

The all innovative auto-scrolling of ReadThemAll is the main benefits. With this scrolling feature, you don't have to manually list pages.

The range of auto-scrolling options are:

  • Never-ending page scroll: with options to update the screen line by line or pixel by pixel.
  • Spotlight-scroll: smoother version of the similar principle Just follow the spotlight.
  • Mixcroll (Mix sCroll): Brand-new scrolling, also smooth, but also almost completely unnoticable.


Note: Run RTA.exe to launch ReadThemAll Portable. The current version is ReadThemAll The program settings are saved in the RTA.ini and rta_qpos.ini file.

More Features of ReadThemAll:

  • Three unique auto-scrolling options having roots from the well-known ReadThemAll software for PalmOS for comfortable, eye-friendly hands-free reading: Rta-scroll, Spotlight-scroll, Mixcroll.
  • Text files and clipboard contents (for example to read a big article from your browser)
  • Rotation
  • Bookmarks
  • Searching
  • Hyphenation (with bundled TeX hyphenation files for English and Russian and expandable to any other)
  • Portability. The software doesn't need installation, runs from any place

ReadThemAll Portable

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MD5 Hash: E3898084E167C1282AAF993DEC8A4657

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