PDF Compressor Portable 2.7 - Free Lossless Compress PDF Files

PDF Compressor Portable 2.7 - Free Lossless Compress PDF Files

PDF Compressor is a newly free PDF utility to compress PDF files lossless. That is PDF Compressor will shrink PDF files, reduce the size of PDF files noticeably without any quality loss.

PDF Compressor could batch compress thousands of PDF files. You should enter Compression Settings and enable the "Better Compress with minor quality loss".

You should check the [Better Compression with minor quality loss] option in the Compression Settings.

Note: Run PDFCompressor.exe to launch PDF Compressor Portable. PDF Compressor Portable was updated to version 2.7 on 2013/2/16. Thanks Rudy for the feedback.

Features of PDF Compressor:

    *  Compress PDF and reduce PDF file size
    *  Support batch mode. Easily compress thousands of PDF files.
    *  Support encrypted PDF document
    *  Lossless compression, keep quality the same.
    *  Better compression mode with minor quality loss.
    *  The UI is intuitive and streamlined.
    *  Easy to use, no learning curve.
    *  Supports touch mode. Ready for touchable pad/Microsoft Surface.

PDF Compressor Portable

What's new in PDF Compressor Portable 2.7?

  1. New version (2.7.0) fixed some bugs reported by users.
  2. If you have 2.6.0, there is no need to update.

About PDF Compressor Portable

Website: www.pdfcompressor.org
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: F36E14759782A1CDFC4EA82C356D4E94

Download PDF Compressor Portable 2.7
PDFCompressorPortable_2.7.0.0_English.paf.exe | 12.7 MB
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