Sublime Text Portable 3 Build 3047 (32-bit)

Sublime Text Portable 3 Build 3047 (32-bit) Free Download

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You are about to download the file for Sublime Text Portable 3 Build 3047 (32-bit) (6.86 MB): Sublime Text Portable - Advanced and Innovative Text Editor.

Pleae note that does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the Sublime Text Portable 3 Build 3047 (32-bit) file. You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

Get the SublimeTextPortable_3.0.0.3047_32-bit_English.paf.exe file now:

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What's New in Sublime Text Portable 3 Build 3047 (32-bit):

  1. Speed. Startup time, file load time, and Replace All have all been significantly improved. If you're using OS X with a Retina display, then you'll find huge rendering speed improvements too.
  2. Symbol Indexing, for Goto Definition and Goto Symbol in Project. Complementing these are the Jump Forward and Jump Back features.
  3. Improved HTML Editing, including tag and attribute completion as well as automatic tag closing.
  4. Improved Project and Pane management, including multiple workspaces for a single project.
  5. Richer API. Plugins are better insulated from the application, and now have a broader and fully threadsafe API to work with.

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