FarStone DriveClone 10.0 - Free and Simple Disk Cloning Software

FarStone DriveClone 10.0 - Free and Simple Disk Cloning Software

FarStone DriveClone free version (DriveClone NC) is now available. DriveClone NC (Non Commercial) is free for home users and can't be used for businesses.

FarStone DriveClone is a professional hard disk clone software. It could copy and clone the entir contents of a hard drive or SSD.

The new DriveClone also adds the ability to convert hard drive to VMware (*.vmdk) and Hyper-v virtual (*.vhd) files.

FarStone DriveClone

The free version of FarStone DriveClone has the following Features:

  • Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • EFI/UEFI/GPT Computers Cloning
  • Hard Drive to Hard Drive Cloning
  • Partition to Partition Cloning
  • Hard Drive to Solid State Drive Cloning
  • Big Drive Cloning (2TB/3TB/4TB & Bigger)
  • Defrag Cloning (Boost Drive Performance 20%)
  • Automatic Partition Resizing
  • Smart Cloning (Eliminate Windows Junk Files 10GB-50GB)
  • Dissimilar Cloning

FarStone DriveClone Free

What's new in FarStone DriveClone Free 10.0 Build 20130726?

  1. Free for non-commercial use
  2. Convert to VMware and Hyper-v
  3. Incremental Cloning
  4. Backup File Versions
  5. Mirror Drive
  6. Support New UEFI/GPT Hardware
  7. Support 2/3/4TB or Bigger Drives and RAID
  8. Support Windows 8.1

Download FarStone DriveClone Free

Website: www.farstone.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: ADCB5D73FA183733A4E7438C879CB19A

Download FarStone DriveClone 10.0 Build 20130726 (Free Edition)
FarStoneDriveClone_10.0.20130726_ThinstallSoft.exe (18.2 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  FarStone DriveClone Free 10.0 Build 20130726 Download Page

Note: FarStone DriveClone Free 10.0 is NOT a Portable software.