Open Freely Portable - Free ALL Files Viewer

Open Freely Portable - Free ALL Files Viewer

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Open Freely is a free and full-featured file viewer just like Free Opener. It could open a lot of file formats including Image files, Windows System files, Microsoft Office files, Documents, Media files, Archive files, Code files, etc.

Open Freely use Frhed as the Hex editor, XNResourceEditor as the PE editor, dcraw/libwps/libwpd to view RAW images, use K-Lite Code Pack to play mosts of the multimedia formats.

Open Freely Portable was updated to version on 2012.6.11.

However, you have to install the .NET Framework to run Open Freely.

Open Freely Portable

About Free Open Freely Portable

MD5 Hash: B96DE9758372434E93924DA080B000AC

Download Open Freely Portable
OpenFreelyPortable_2.0.1.0_English.paf.exe | 17.1 MB  |  Open Freely Portable Download Page | Old Versions
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