Folder Size Portable - Free Disk Usage Analyzer

Folder Size Portable - Free Disk Usage Analyzer

Folder Size is an useful disk space usage analyzer and management software. It could quickly sacn disk or folders to display all the file sizes and folder tree sizes.

Folder Size help you check the distribution of your disk space and give you the directory statistics. Then you could identify the largest folders and the largest files in a straightforward way (Pie chart or Bar chart).

Note: Run FolderSize.exe to launch Folder Size Portable. The current version is Folder Size In addition, GetFoldersize is also a good windows disk space analyzer.

Folder Size

Features of Folder Size Freeware version:

  • Can scan folders and drives
  • Display charts
  • Detailed information for all files and folders
  • Can locate files in Windows Explorer
  • Can delete files
  • Can open images with their associated program
  • "Scan with Folder Size" Explorer context menu
  • Support for all types of storage devices

Folder Size Portable

What's new in Folder Size

  1. Added: Mixed "Largest files and folders" report
  2. Added: Option not to list files in order to save memory on large volumes of more than 100 TB
  3. Added: Increased memory limit to 4GB on x64 OS and 3GB on x86 systems.
  4. Added: Selected files and folders count in status bar
  5. Fixed: File name trimming issue when saving file names containing dots
  6. Fixed: Print dialog - "Limit printing to one page horizontally" button action fixed in operating systems newer than Windows Vista
  7. Fixed: Removed "There is no default printer currently selected" message on systems without printer.

Download Folder Size

MD5 Hash: F8C26242E392D7593FEFB5A158FAE412

Download Folder Size Portable
FolderSizePortable_2.9.0.0_English.paf.exe | 1.42 MB | Folder Size Portable Download Page