Quick Search Portable - Super Quick File Search Tool

Quick Search Portable - Super Quick File Search Tool

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Quick Search is a super fast file search tool for Windows. It's a freeware from Glarysoft and worthy alternative to the default Windows Search.

Quick Search help you locate files or folders on local drives very quickly. You just type the keywords (file name) and it will give instand search results.

Quick Search could monitor NTFS and FAT32 file system for searching.

Quick Search Portable was updated to version on 2012.10.20.

Quick Search

Features of Quick Search:

    *  Locate files and folders by key words.
    *  Quick file indexing.
    *  Quick and real-time searching.
    *  Minimal resource usages.
    *  Free, small, clean and easy-to-use with intuitive interface
    *  Free and quick search tool to locate files and folders

Quick Search

About Quick Search Portable

Website: www.glarysoft.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 2989485B8597A23B8ECCCCDFA4B78726

Download Quick Search Portable
QuickSearchPortable_1.1.0.189_English.paf.exe | 3.03 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  Quick Search Portable Download Page | Old Versions
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• Author: Thinapp@ThinstallSoft

• Category: System Utilities

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• Downloads: 1791

• Last Updated: 2012/10/20 12:30:39

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1 Comment.

  1. Pradip Shah
    13:15 2011/09/08

    I have tried all kinds of utilities – non portable – that could also accommodate removable USB drives. Most worked well but all had their own limitations or restrictions which restricted other functionality or ease if use.

    I could not believe how fast this works and in real time too.



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