Fences Portable 2.10 - Group Desktop Icons Automatically

Fences Portable 2.10 - Group Desktop Icons Automatically

Stardock Fences is an free and innovative desktop icons organizer. Fences will create several fence to place various desktop icons and group them automatically later.

You can just create a couple of empty fences to start, then you could manually drag icons to the specific fence. For extra-messy desktops, just perform a ont-time sorting of shortcuts, files and folders into fences.

Note: Befor you launch Fences, you MUST install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2 Redistributable Package. Fences 2.10 is not freeware any more. You have 30 day trial of Fences Portable 2.10.

Stardock Fences

Features of Fences:

  • Use your desktop to organize all of your stuff
  • Make your desktop a portal to your files
  • Create an unlimited number of Fence areas on desktop
  • Quickly hide/show desktop icons with double-click
  • Customize opacity and color tinting of Fences
  • Auto-scaling for screen size changes
  • Store unique Fence locations for different monitor configurations
  • Low profile, low system impact: integrates tightly and cleanly with OS
  • Fences Portable

    What's new in Fences 2.10?

    1. New: Persistent fences (and their icons) across pages
    2. New: Network drive connection detection. Fences will attempt to recreate mapped folder locations on a reboot.
    3. New: Page indicator. Skinnable via editing graphics in Images folder.
    4. New: Added ability to reset appearance of All Fences
    5. Fixed: Recycle bin jumps out of Fence
    6. Fixed: Right click actions make files jump into the same fence
    7. Fixed: Unable to move portal fence if title is off
    8. Fixed: “Sort by” appears twice for folder fences with labels hidden
    9. Fixed: icons would fall out of fence when ran if partially hidden
    10. Fixed: You can no longer page onto blank screens (unless dragging an icon or a fence).
    11. Fixed: When dragging a fence to a new page, you no longer endlessly scroll to new pages if you stay on the edge.
    12. New option visible in FolderView pane when Aero is disabled: "Display incompatibility warning when Aero is disabled".
    13. Can also toggle via registry - "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Stardock\Fences\Tips\NeverWarnAboutAero" = 0x00000001 (DWORD 32bit)

    Download Stardock Fences

    Website: www.stardock.com
    Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
    MD5 Hash: 91EAA8A4D05A441E63CA4F05C6EC0E8B

    Download Fences Portable 2.10 (30 Day Trial)
    FencesPortable_2.10_English.paf.exe | 5.87 MB
    @ThinstallSoft.com | Fences Portable 2.10 Download Page | Old Versions

    Download Fences Portable 1.01.143 (Freeware)
    Fences_ThinstallSoft.zip | 4.3 MB
    @ThinstallSoft.com | Fences Portable 1.01.143 Download Page

    Please be aware that Fences Portable here is NOT a truly portable app, you should run !)Install.bat as Administrator firstly and then run Fences.exe to launch it.