Kingsoft Writer Portable - Best Alternative to Microsoft Word

Kingsoft Writer Portable - Best Alternative to Microsoft Word

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Kingsoft Office Writer 2012 is a free and excellent word processor. It have powerful and full of features for writing. Kingsoft Writer is a high available alternative to Microsoft Word.

Kingsoft Writer is highly compatible with the Microsoft Word from interface to editing features. Also it could open and save .doc and .docx formats easily.

Kingsoft Writer use tab to manage documents, you could open mutiple documents in a single Kingsoft Writer window, this is high convenient. Equation Editor in Kingsoft Writer is from the Design Science and built-in PDF converter allow you to covnert .doc or .docx document to high quality PDFs.

Key Features of Kingsoft Writer Portable:

    *  Better and deeply compatible with Microsoft suite.
    *  Bulit-in PDF Converter
    *  Automatic spell check.
    *  Small data package.
    *  Document encryption.
    *  Humanized table operation.

Kingsoft Writer Free Portable

About Kingsoft Writer Free Portable

MD5 Hash: 2653EEB80E90245C5C7E0191A10D5040

Download Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 Build Portable
KingsoftWriterPortable_8.1.0.2948_English.paf.exe | 29.8 MB  |  Kingsoft Writer Free Portable 2012 Build Download Page
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  1. Toe
    21:16 2012/12/08

    Download link is dead. Also please upload new version. Current Build is from official website.

  2. Renier Emons
    12:22 2012/06/14

    What a pity. I was really looking forward to download this portable version. Unfortunately the Mediafire link is not valid (anymore?)

  3. PortableFan
    03:08 2012/02/14


  4. Yvesmaro
    05:46 2012/01/18

    What a wonderful blog !!! I love portables…came by it navigating and allready added it to my
    reader. I have been looking for Kingsoft Writer portable for days., downloading this version but could you please post the today version ?
    Thank you and Some day all Apps MOST be portable



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