CollageIt Free Portable 1.9.4 - Free Picture Collage Maker

CollageIt Free Portable 1.9.4 - Free Picture Collage Maker

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CollageIt is a free while powerful picture collage creater. It could make beautiful photo collages automatically.

It is easy to use CollageIt to generate image collages. Just import photos from the local drive and click on the Generate Layout button to start creating.

There are various layout options for you to get different collages. You could change photo count, photo space & margin, rotation & sparse, photo frame, photo shadow, etc.

CollageIt Free Portable was updated to version on 2013/5/9.

Features of the CollageIt:

  • Generate collage in an automatic way
  • Just 3 steps required
  • Provide enhanced features and functionality to create diverse types of collage

CollageIt Portable

Benefits of the CollageIt Pro version:

  • No limitations and no annoying splash screen!
  • Supports photo crop.
  • Large-size collage export.

Download CollageIt Free

MD5 Hash: 76C734C4DD691F979118B9D6DEDF4FDE

Download CollageIt Free Edition Portable 1.9.4 Build 3558
CollageItPortable_1.9.4.3558.paf.exe | 7.72 MB  |  CollageIt Free Edition Portable 1.9.4 Build 3558 Download Page | Old Versions

Download CollageIt Pro Edition Portable 1.9.3 Build 3556
CollageItProPortable_1.9.3.3556.paf.exe | 7.72 MB  |  CollageIt Pro Edition Portable 1.9.3 Build 3556 Download Page

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  1. Ralph
    02:13 2013/05/10

    I like those Portables here, please keep it up

  2. DjPsicopatha
    04:27 2011/10/01

    Hey man, joining to the PAF format/plataform, its good; so keep care to not leave registry and folder traces

    • Anonymous
      11:59 2011/10/01

      Yes, I’ll try to create PAF format apps and also there are none traces left.



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