RawTherapee Portable - Free RAW Image Editor and Converter

RawTherapee Portable - Free RAW Image Editor and Converter

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RawTherapee is a 100% free RAW image editor, converter and viewer. It help you get the most details and least artifacts from the raw photos using the modern and traditional demosaicing algorithms: AMaZE, DCB, fast, AHD, EAHD, HPHD & VNG4.

RawTherapee supports wide range of cameras, almost all DSLRs and even some medium format bodies are supported. Use RawTherapee to get high quality picture from RAW image.

There are many advanced features in RawTherapee including Advanced color handling, Enhanced exposure and tonality tools, Multiple denoising methods, Quick thumbnails, Batch processing, Parallel editing, Various layouts, etc.

Run RawTherapeePortable.exe to launch RawTherapee Portable. The current version is RawTherapee

RawTherapee Portable

About RawTherapee Portable

Website: www.rawtherapee.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: D57F14B9AD7916271EFADF6418C274BA

Download RawTherapee Portable 32-bit
RawTherapeePortable_4.0.9.50_x86.paf.exe | 15.5 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  RawTherapee Portable 32-bit Download Page

Download RawTherapee Portable 64-bit
RawTherapeePortable_4.0.9.50_x64.paf.exe | 16.0 MB
@ThinstallSoft.com  |  Free Download Locations

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• Author: Thinapp@ThinstallSoft

• Category: Photo & Graphic

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• Downloads: 639

• Last Updated: 2012/8/8 21:58:40

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  1. thinapp user
    13:10 2013/06/26

    hi guys, how did you make this portable version? did you use thinapp?

    • thinstallsoft
      17:53 2013/06/26

      It’s Not thinapp. I package it to the PAF format: http://portableapps.com/node/3883

      • thinapp user
        07:48 2013/06/27

        Thanks for the info, thinstallsoft! You are doing a great work! As a suggestion, could it be created a page with a list of all your portable software, and their versions already in the list?
        Some good software I had to thinapp myself:
        ManicTime (has a free version, great software!)
        MultiHasher (calculates various checksums for various files)
        DiskExplorer Professional 3 (offline disk catalogue)
        Calibre (ebooks catalogue)
        Handbrake (great software for converting dvd to avi/mp4 and ipod and other formats)
        games and softwares made by Graeme Gott (like hexalate)
        Sysinternals (you cannot make those portable, but they already are. what great little gems inside here! process explorer, the 2nd best thing!)
        Directory Opus (expensive, but THE best file manager around, well worth a look!)
        All the best!



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